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By choosing a car loan with Financement Automobile Montréal, you give yourself the possibility of acquiring your vehicle even if you do not have the full amount in cash. It is important to know that a car loan is a credit application: you pay back the bank you have chosen at a fixed rate and within a fixed period of time. This loan allows you to finance the purchase of a car, whether it is a new car or a used car.

Financement Automobile Montréal

There are differences between the banks that offer car loans. It is therefore advisable to compare contracts with our car loan calculator and find the cheapest formulas or choose the one that best suits your personal situation. And don't forget that Financement Automobile Montréal also offers specialized 2nd and 3rd chance car loans.

Don't lose sight of the fact that when you borrow money, it costs you money. Compare interest rates and choose the cheapest rate on the market. Being well informed will also save you money.

Our car financing partners

Financement Automobile Montreal Car Financing Partners

It is advisable to remain vigilant, as interest rates are periodically adjusted by lenders. The rates on the Financement Automobile Montréal website are regularly updated so that you can always check the different interest rates offered by the different financial institutions that we have chosen as partners, Desjardins, RBC, National Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, and many others.

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